Friday, July 26, 2013

How to .. How to Overcome Dandruff in Natural ..?

Dandruff usually makes us irritable and less confident because of itchy, especially our head suddenly itching in front of the people we love, Even though you have a shiny black hair, but there are white flakes on the scalp often get rid of its beauty. Complaints of the scalp due to dandruff is itchy, flaking and tend to be dirty. So what's the solution that dandruff gone missing in our heads

Previously let us know in advance the causes of dandruff:
* Certain race possess oily skin
* Genetic
* Diets high fat foods
* Climate and weather that stimulates the skin's oil gland activity
* Psychological stress causes increased activity of the gland
* Certain Age causes the oil glands to produce maximum
* Certain drugs cause stimulation of oil glands
* Hygiene (health / hygiene) bad skin
* Chronic Systemic Disease
* Drugs lowering skin resistance and body
Even though there are a variety busting dandruff shampoo, but still dandruff is still not resolved

 Why not try a natural? The following natural ingredients that can be tried.

    How to Overcome Dandruff with Lime

        Prepare 100 ml of lemon juice, coconut milk 100 ml, and 100 ml pineapple juice.

        Mix all ingredients in a container.

        Stir until evenly distributed.

        Use this to the herb lemon wet scalp at least once every two weeks.

        Rinse hair thoroughly, try using shampoo.

    How to Overcome Dandruff with Apple Juice
    The steps:

        Prepare 2 or 3 apples and then extract it using a juicer.

        Take the apple extract and add the warm water.

        Stir the mixture until evenly distributed.

        Apply the concoction on your hair and scalp as he massaged-massage for 5 minutes.

        Wait 15-20 minutes, then rinsed thoroughly.

How to .. How to Make Chocolate Valentine ..?

Who would not like this food, chocolate is delicious on the tongue, it feels like love, there is no bitterness sweet and well, maybe that's what makes chocolate is also an option in valentine's day gifts. As Valentine Gifts Unique Brown could be an option. This time we will give you tips to make chocolate valentine simple and delicious for sure. Make this a very enjoyable valentine chocolates especially will be given to the people we love and she loved it. Or maybe you can make it together with your partner, it's more fun again.
The materials needed are relatively inexpensive and easy to find.

1. Brown 2 Color 1 Hearts

Tools and Materials:

    Chocolate bars
    White chocolate bars
    Dyes Food Color Red
    Heart Prints

How to Make:

    Cut chocolate, and white chocolate into small pieces and set aside.
    Melt the chocolate in order to become liquid evenly, melt the chocolate can be heated menggukanan bowl containing steel or metal, placed above the boiling water / hot, chocolate should not be exposed to water.
    If it is melted, white chocolate is given a red dye, to give a little color to pink. stir gently
    If the color has changed to white chocolate pink, brown and then input into a heart-shaped mold, Put chocolate in pink was on the right, and brown on the left.
    Refrigerate and wait to dry, can also add a buddy or a sprinkling of sesame nuts that have been destroyed in accordance with the taste buddy
    Congratulations creative ......

 Easy Ways to Make Valentine Chocolate

2. Chocolate Valentine Special


    Dark Chocolate (Chocolate Compound)
    Love-shaped mold, or according to taste,

Ways and Tips on Choosing a Tablet PC

The following tips will review what you should know before buying a tablet PC that you seek the best ever. Because there are a lot of options in terms of price, specs and features, the tablet can choose more or less the same as choosing a boyfriend or spouse life. What should be considered before buying a tablet PC that best fit the needs?

Specifications CPU, RAM & GPU

Many things you should look when looking around a tablet specs, performance-related specifications tablet (fast or not) is the CPU (processor), RAM and GPU (graphics associated with such games). Please adjust to your needs, if you are not going to play those heavy 3D games then you do not need to waste money to buy a tablet that has a high GPU specs. The easiest way to obtain an overview of the performance of the tablet is to see her in the video review video sharing sites like YouTube, or you can also read the thread and read the tablet you want to buy on sites like discussion forum.

Sensor Specifications

Also look at the specifications it supports any sensor, the tablet has a variety of sensors like Accelerometer (to measure acceleration), Gyroscope (measuring rotation), Magnetometer (measuring the strength of Earth's magnetic field, example applications such as a compass), Proximity (measure the distance of an object) , GPS (knowing the position) and ALS (light gauge), please choose to suit your needs because not all tablets have the sensors.