Friday, July 26, 2013

Ways and Tips on Choosing a Tablet PC

The following tips will review what you should know before buying a tablet PC that you seek the best ever. Because there are a lot of options in terms of price, specs and features, the tablet can choose more or less the same as choosing a boyfriend or spouse life. What should be considered before buying a tablet PC that best fit the needs?

Specifications CPU, RAM & GPU

Many things you should look when looking around a tablet specs, performance-related specifications tablet (fast or not) is the CPU (processor), RAM and GPU (graphics associated with such games). Please adjust to your needs, if you are not going to play those heavy 3D games then you do not need to waste money to buy a tablet that has a high GPU specs. The easiest way to obtain an overview of the performance of the tablet is to see her in the video review video sharing sites like YouTube, or you can also read the thread and read the tablet you want to buy on sites like discussion forum.

Sensor Specifications

Also look at the specifications it supports any sensor, the tablet has a variety of sensors like Accelerometer (to measure acceleration), Gyroscope (measuring rotation), Magnetometer (measuring the strength of Earth's magnetic field, example applications such as a compass), Proximity (measure the distance of an object) , GPS (knowing the position) and ALS (light gauge), please choose to suit your needs because not all tablets have the sensors.

Camera Specifications

There is a tablet that has a front camera only, there also has a front and rear camera, front camera (facing you) its function is to take photos and video of the wearer's face, one benefit is that you can use to do video calling via apps like Skype and others. While the rear camera function is to take photos of objects in front of you, if you are not going to use your tablet to take photos of objects in front of you, then you should choose a tablet that does not have a rear camera for tablets as it is cheaper.

The easiest way to know the quality of the camera of a tablet is to look at examples of the image produced by the camera tablet.

Specifications Network Data

There is a tablet that supports 3G data network / EVDO + Wi-FI or just Wi-Fi only, please choose according to your needs. Tablet only supports Wi-Fi data network only cheaper, but consequences you can only connect to the internet in places where there hotspot Wi-Fi only.

Specifications Screen

In addition to the size of the screen, you should look on the specifications of the screen of a tablet is its pixel density is measured by a unit of measurement PPI (Pixels Per Inch), the higher the value of its PPI sharper image density level. Note also the point of view of the screen specifications, IPS type screen has a better viewing angle, according to my experience, the screen with poor viewing angles quite disturbing when we use the tablet to watch movies.

Specifications Internal Storage

It is quite disturbing of the tablet is its internal storage capacity is small, choose a tablet with its internal storage is sufficient.

Battery Specifications

Battery life is one of the important things you should look, because even if you rarely travel, but based on my experience of using the tablet with the charger cable plugged condition was not comfortable, the greater the capacity of the battery is good, and the larger the screen size of a tablet, the more extravagant also power consumption.

Weight & Design Tablet

One of the factors that affect comfort in using a tablet is a tablet weight, especially for tablet 7 inch screen size down we can hand-held with one hand, if the weight of the tablet weight fast hands will feel stiff when picked, so choose a tablet that weighs enough lightly.

Especially for 7 inch tablet size, choose a tablet that when you position the tablet in portrait position (extends to up / down) the distance between the edge of the screen and the edge of the tablet body left and right side of the thin, but when you position the tablet in landscape (extending to the right / left) the distance between the edge of the screen and the body left and right tablet thick. This will make the tablet can be comfortably held in one hand in portrait position and will feel comfortable when gripped with two hands in landscape position because there is a distance to the handle.

Rear Body material Tablet

Choose the tablet that body back there are texture so it does not feel slippery when held.

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