Friday, July 26, 2013

How to .. How to Make Chocolate Valentine ..?

Who would not like this food, chocolate is delicious on the tongue, it feels like love, there is no bitterness sweet and well, maybe that's what makes chocolate is also an option in valentine's day gifts. As Valentine Gifts Unique Brown could be an option. This time we will give you tips to make chocolate valentine simple and delicious for sure. Make this a very enjoyable valentine chocolates especially will be given to the people we love and she loved it. Or maybe you can make it together with your partner, it's more fun again.
The materials needed are relatively inexpensive and easy to find.

1. Brown 2 Color 1 Hearts

Tools and Materials:

    Chocolate bars
    White chocolate bars
    Dyes Food Color Red
    Heart Prints

How to Make:

    Cut chocolate, and white chocolate into small pieces and set aside.
    Melt the chocolate in order to become liquid evenly, melt the chocolate can be heated menggukanan bowl containing steel or metal, placed above the boiling water / hot, chocolate should not be exposed to water.
    If it is melted, white chocolate is given a red dye, to give a little color to pink. stir gently
    If the color has changed to white chocolate pink, brown and then input into a heart-shaped mold, Put chocolate in pink was on the right, and brown on the left.
    Refrigerate and wait to dry, can also add a buddy or a sprinkling of sesame nuts that have been destroyed in accordance with the taste buddy
    Congratulations creative ......

 Easy Ways to Make Valentine Chocolate

2. Chocolate Valentine Special


    Dark Chocolate (Chocolate Compound)
    Love-shaped mold, or according to taste,

How to make a special valentine chocolate

    Cut Dark Chocolate (Chocolate Compound) small order could melt in the melting process perfectly
    Heat the water with a big fire, and then input the anti hot chocolate into the bowl and put the chocolate over the water to boil, and reduce heat if chocolate has begun to melt
    Keep the bowl should fit / wider than the mouth of the pot .. it is intended that water vapor can melt the chocolate, Try not until the water vapor into or hit to the chocolate because chocolate can be damaged and will not melt
    Stir chocolate and try melted chocolate evenly, and input into a mold while in ketok2 little in order to get out the air bubbles, cashews can be input into the chocolate and then pour the chocolate until fully back in print
    Refrigerate until hard chocolate, or chocolate entries in the freezer and then remove the chocolate from the mold gradually
    Decorate brown to your liking,
    Congratulations creative

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