Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Knitting Tips for Beginners

Because some friends there who intend to learn knitting too, and note that this information easier to understand for beginners.
Needed to knit meticulous and strong will. Because for starters, it is rather complicated and should be really careful and patient. And if there are friends, relatives around, who are proficient ask to be taught how to hold and make a chain. Because the chain is making Knitting Principle.

Here are the basics of knitting:
1. How to Hold Hook
There are 2 ways to hold the hook, as pictured below:
1. Such as holding a pencil
2. Like holding a knife
2. making Patterns
Knitting patterns are written with terms and symbols separately facilitate understanding of the steps to make knitted creations. Terms that are used in knitting using the American version, while writing patterns and symbols using the Japanese version. The following patterns and symbols in hakken istilan.
Other terms:
B: Classified
St: Prick or puncture holes (stitch)
Sk: Jump (skip). For example sk 1, meaning skip 1 jab
Lp: Hole (loop)
Inc.: The addition of a puncture in the 1 st 2st (increase of)
Dec: Reduction puncture or 2 into 1 st st (Decrease)
In addition to the above instructions, the thing to note is that the place and situation to perform this activity. such as:
1). Choosing leisure and quiet.
2). Choosing a sitting position as relaxed as possible.
3). Bright room conditions so that we are clear what we associate.
4). Choose a place that has good air circulation, it aims to create a comfortable atmosphere.

Well that was a little note that can be distributed to friends all.
Hopefully helpful,,, and keep the spirit.